Asheville Dance Theater

Class Description


  • +3 Year Old-

    Creative Movement, basic ballet positions- 30min

  • Preschool I (age 4)-

    Creative Movement, basic ballet positions and introduction to tap- 45min

  • Preschool II (age 5)-

    Emphasis on, basic ballet and tap- 45min


    Each year new disciplines and techniques are introduced- 45 min or 1 hr depending on level

  • Jazz-

    Each year new disciplines and techniques are introduced using classic and contemporary jazz- 45min or combined with tap depending on level

  • Tap-

    Each year new disciplines and rhythms are introduced- 45min or combined with jazz depending on level

  • Pointe-

    Students will develop the strength and technique required for dancing pointe.  Prerequisites: 12 years of age and extensive ballet training-time varies with levels

  • Hip Hop-

    Beginning-Advanced levels offered- 30min

  • Lyrical-

    Lyrical dance is a dance style that blends ballet and jazz dance. Lyrical is generally smoother and a bit faster than ballet, but not quite as fast as jazz. Using movement to express strong emotions- 45min to 1 hr depending on level

  • Modern-

    Modern focuses on the expression of emotions, contemporary subjects and the dancer's development of her/his own unique style.  Floor work, weight sharing, partner work as well as learning ways to utilize space will be explored in class.-30min to 45min depending on level

  • Acro-

    Beginning, intermediate and advanced levels offered in tumbling- 45min to 1 hr depending on level.